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Lead Generation Website - Customer Growth

Lead Generation Websites – The Key Components

The post entitled “100 customers in 100 days” briefly touched on the concept of a Lead Generation Website, but the question has to be asked….what exactly is the difference between a “lead generation website” and the standard “brochure website” we find all over the web, and what is it that makes a lead generation website work for businesses that wish to grow their customer base?

Simply put, a traditional brochure website, is designed to provide online visitors with information on a business, whilst a lead generation website is designed to provide online visitors with compelling reasons to engage a business – the one offers some reading material and requires the visitor to reach for his spectacles, whereas the other offers something of value and requires the visitor to “take action” and reach out to the business.

Ok, so a couple of questions spring to mind straight away – (1) what is the “something of value ” that a lead generation website offers visitors, and (2) what “action” must a visitor take exactly when visiting a lead generation website.

Lead Generation Websites – The Irresistible Offer

A lead generation website is specifically designed to present online visitors with an irresistible offer, an offer that is simply just to good to pass up, and is so appealing that it will have them eagerly looking to engage with you.  The irresistible offer is in essence a product, or a service, or information that is offered either for free or at a reduced cost, and that is easily recognisable to a discerning visitor as an item of value being offered at an irresistible price.

Now, it is important to take note at this point, that lead generation websites are created for businesses, and are promoted online so as to attract people that are specifically looking for the products and service offered by those businesses.  Generally speaking, therefore, a lead generation website is designed to attract visitors that are looking for a very specific product and/or service – So! why is this important?

It is important because your visitors are informed enough to recognise a good offer from a bad one, to know when they are being sold to and when they are being offered value.  It is important because it means that your  irresistible offer needs to be relevant to the products and service that your business offers, it needs to be of genuine value, and most importantly its worth needs to be recognisable to the people that you specifically want as a customer.

Lead Generation Websites – The Call to Action

Right!  So now you have established a really good irresistible offer and you have a targeted visitor on your lead generation website who is very keen to engage with you – what now?

Well you strike while the iron is hot – you want to provide this interested visitor with the means to immediately lay claim to the offer, to tell you who he is, and how you can contact him – you do so by coupling your irresistible offer with a call to action.

A call to action is basically a visual prompt that takes a very prominent position on the lead generation website together with the irresistible offer, and that points out to visitors what they need to do in order to take advantage of the offer, and for you to make contact with them.  It essentially entices online visitors to freely submit their contact details in exchange for the irresistible offer – it facilitates a trade, if you wish.

Lead Generation Websites – Stimulating Customer Growth

Consider, for example, the lead generation website of an optometrist  – it promises, as its irresistible offer, a free anti-reflex coating for each pair of prescription glasses you buy, and is supported by a call to action that makes the offer valid to visitors only once they submit their contact details in a contact form provided for this purpose.

Now this offer may not mean all that much to someone who doesn’t need glasses, but anyone who has to rely on their glasses just to function normally, will genuinely understand and appreciate the value of getting anti-reflex coating for their glasses  at no cost.  This is a perfect example of a well constructed offer supported by a purposeful call to action – it is relevant to the optometry practice, targets people with poor vision desperately looking for a good set of glasses, and offers good solid recognisable value at no cost, but can only be secured by a visitor once his contact details have been captured online.

Mission accomplished – There is no doubt that this optometrist will, through his irresistible offer, grip the attention of many of the people who visit his website, and through the associated call to action, will secure their personal contact detailshe will most certainly build up his customer base through his lead generation website!


To Your Success,

Jacques Swart

The Tactical Marketer



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How To Get 100 Customers In 100 Days

100 Customers in 100 Days

The Internet is the single largest mass gathering of attentive buyers your business will ever have access to…Why then, are so many businesses not benefiting from the growth potential that the Internet has to offer? Is it really possible to grow your business through Internet marketing techniques and strategies, you may ask, and is it really possible to get 100 customers in 100 days?

“If you build it they will come”…..made famous by Kevin Costner in the movie entitled “field of dreams”….This may be true in Hollywood, but unfortunately the same cannot be said about building a website for your business – why would people come to your website? how would they find out about your website? and if they find out about your website what would keep them there long enough to want to find out more about you and your business? Finally, Are they even remotely interested in what you are doing or are they merely browsing?

How To Get 100 Customers In 100 Days: Targeted Traffic

The Internet is literally awash with millions of people at any one time, actively searching for specific products and services online..You, however, are only interested in those people that are actively looking for the very specific products and services your business has to offer.

Now it may seem like a daunting task, but through the right blend of Internet marketing strategies and tactics, it is possible to sift out those people that are actively searching for your products and services online, and to then drive them to your website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), online video marketing, social networking, etc are some of the more effective marketing techniques that will help drive targeted Internet traffic to your business website.

How To Get 100 Customers In 100 Days: Lead Generation Websites

The Internet is filled with some of the most aesthetically pleasing websites imaginable, but the question remains “do these beautiful websites generate meaningful leads for the businesses that have built them”. Sadly, the answer is – not often!!!…..

Does this mean that we shouldn’t put effort into creating professionally presented websites with all of the eye candy that we have come to like so much?…No! Not all…We are merely making the observation, that many beautifully constructed business websites are flawed from the point of view that even though they are nice to look at, do not provide an attractive enough offer to entice an online visitor to dig deeper or even leave contact details for you to follow up on. We refer to websites such as these as “Brochure Websites” and very often, find them to offer no more value than the printed brochures you would hand out on a street corner.

A “lead generation website” on the other hand is specifically constructed to include marketing elements that will draw the attention of an online visitor, and compel them to take an action which would ultimately have them leave their direct contact details for you to follow up on. The most effective of these marketing elements is the so-called “irresistible Offer” – the one product, or service, or piece of information that is deemed so attractive to the interested visitor that he simply has to have it and is willing to trade his contact information for it.

How To Get 100 Customers In 100 Days: Conversion

Success favours speed – many businesses fail because of their inability to act on customer leads in a timeous fashion. A hot lead can cool down very quickly if his interest in your products and services is not kept alive right up to the point where he is prepared to commit to your business. Converting a prospect into a paying customer is the culmination of your efforts in securing new business, but is only the start of your ongoing efforts to secure long standing repeat business.

Customer conversion and retention can only be achieved through effective Internet marketing and mobile marketing communication mechanisms that are specifically designed to keep your customers up to date in real time, and that continually fan the flames of interest in your business. These communication mechanisms are highly automated aspects of your business that allow you to maintain good relationship with your prospects and your customers.

How To Get 100 Customers In 100 Days: The Challenge

The “How To Get 100 Customers In 100 Days” Free Webinar walks you  through these key elements in depth so you have the full understanding of how and why it works so effectively.

So, simply click 100 Customers In 100 Days today!

To Your Success,

Jacques Swart

The Tactical Marketer

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